Pin Type, To Measure the Percentage of Water in Wood, Papers, Trees and More(1 * 9V Battery) – US$22.99


Moisture detector has a wide and precise measuring range; stick the stainless steel pins into the surface of what you are measuring in order to get a read-out.
Measuring Range: 1level:2%~40% 2level:2%~50% 3level:2%~60% 4level:2%~70%
Resolution: 0.5%
Low power indicator Modular sensor pins.
Ability to store data and measured values in memory
Ideal for use in woodworking, building construction and agriculture industries.
Used to check wood, drywall and concrete before painting, sealing or treating and locate and identify water leaks in roofs, floors and walls.


Density mode:4 modes
Operation temperature:0~40â„?
Symbol&Units Display
Data Hold/ Auto Power Off/Battery Indication
Auto temperature Compensation

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