22 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Arizona

1. Don’t listen to what anyone tells you — there’s no natural beauty in Arizona.

Marcin_p_jank / Getty Images

Sedona, Arizona.

2. No one would ever vacation here because it’s absolute trash.


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona.

3. Winter wonderland? You definitely won’t find that here.

Alexeys / Getty Images

Oak Creek on West Fork Trail near Sedona, Arizona.

5. There is nothing earth-shattering or cool to see.

Oceanfishing / Getty Images

Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

6. Nothing at all.

Tiny-al / Getty Images

The Wave in Coyote Buttes, Arizona.

7. The desert is just so, SO boring.

Jenifoto / Getty Images

Superstition Mountains in Arizona.

8. Honestly, there isn’t anything grand about this place.

Meinzahn / Getty Images

Grand Canyon, Arizona.

9. And you definitely won’t find any water in this barren wasteland.

And you definitely won't find any water in this barren wasteland.

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Seb Fremont / Getty Images

Havasu Creek, Arizona

10. Gazing upon the desert sky is definitely overrated…

Dcorn / Getty Images

Desert in Arizona.

11. …and don’t even think about camping, because you won’t be able to see a single star in the sky.

Marble Canyon, Arizona.

13. You won’t find anything interesting downtown.

Lavi37 / Getty Images

Phoenix, Arizona.

14. And the cities aren’t bright or vibrant at all.

Photoquest7 / Getty Images

Tucson, Arizona.

15. There is nothing cool or unique about this place.

Casa Grande, Arizona.

16. It’s so, SO hot with NO WHERE to cool down.

Dcorn / Getty Images

Lake Powell in Arizona.

19. Even if you look in the smallest crevices, you won’t find anything worthwhile.

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Arizona.

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