Effective Office Moving Tips To Try Out


Office relocation can be a very tiring and complicated activity for any company or business to undertake. Whether your company is relocating because you are expanding or whether the current premises are getting too expensive to maintain, moving into a new office is an exciting but demanding process. There is just so much to do and so many things to take care of that you don’t know where to begin!

The first step is to fix a moving date and inform everyone in the company about the same. The top management will have to make a lot of important decisions while the other employees will also need to be involved in the moving plans. If you have a specific time period in which you need to move, for instance if your rent lease is going to elapse, fixing a date is the first step to making the plan concrete.

It is important to fix a date that is at least two months away. You will want to check out several corporate removal services operating in your city, get quotes from them, narrow down the list to the most appropriate ones and then meet with the teams before you make a decision. While the actions themselves might not take a lot of time, you need to give yourself some time to review each new piece of information before you act on it further.

Review the offers and quotes provided to you by several companies before signing a contract with one. Have someone with experience in shifting and corporate removals look over the contract to check that there are no hidden costs and all your interests, including a good insurance cover, are being met.

Whether or not any employee will directly participate in the moving process, it is essential for them to know of the impending change. Many of the people working in the organisation will have ongoing projects and interactions with clients that will need to be put on hold until the shifting process has been completed. Any and all transactions with suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and buyers will have to be postponed until you are settled into the new premises.

Try to complete any pending orders because it won’t be very professional of you to suddenly cancel or pause orders and processes because the company is undergoing a change. Customers and clients will appreciate the effort you make.

Fix the office removal to be carried out over a weekend. You can start on a Friday afternoon and have the entire office packed up, moved and unpacked by Monday. This will help you prevent any significant financial losses, as you will not miss out on any business hours.

However, a quick removal like this one will only be possible if you are relocating within the same city and you do not have an unusually large office. If the entire packing, shifting and unpacking process cannot be managed over the weekend, consider shutting the office down on the least-busy days so that you can do the needful without affecting your business too much.

On the packing and shifting days, it is essential for the key players or top management of each department to be present. These are the people who will be best equipped to know where everything should go when it is being unpacked and to check if everything has arrived in good condition. Their presence will be especially helpful on the day before the office reopens because they can make sure that the most crucial or useful equipment is up and running.

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