Easy and Handy Steps to Install Your Hot Water Dispenser


A hot water dispenser is a handy kitchen accessory that provides instant access to hot water to prepare your cup of tea or coffee. If you want to install a hot water dispenser or specifically a hot water dispenser for tea, the first thing you need to check is if there is any convenient space in your kitchen to install the water dispenser. Once you have the right place for installation and have the required fittings, installing a hot water dispenser becomes a simple and easy affair. To ensure you didn’t miss anything during the installation, one quick tip is to go through the installation tips mentioned in the installation manual that is supplied with the hot water dispenser. Let us now look at the different installation steps one by one.

Shutting off the Water Supply

The first step of the installation process is to shut off the water supply to your house and then drain out any additional water from the pipes by opening the connected faucets. Shutting off the water supply and draining out the water from the pipes will ensure that there will not be any water pressure during the installation of the dispenser.

Connecting to the Water Supply

Next, you need to feed a new supply line to the cold water supply in order to introduce cold water into the hot water dispenser. To do so, you could install a dual outlet angle stop or another fitting of your choice tied to the cold water supply.

Installing the Spout

Now, feed the spout of the hot water dispenser into the hole of the sink and adjust in such a way that it sits flat against the sink. From under the sink, you must put the mounting nut and the washer to the threaded extension of the faucet tube and then tighten it.

Installing the Heating Tank

Now select a suitable location to install the heating tank of the hot water dispenser. The location should be such that it is easily accessible from the spout as well the water connection. The water tank is typically installed vertically using the mounting screws, which are mostly supplied along with the purchase of the water dispenser.

Connecting the Spout with the Heating Tank

After installing the heating tank, you next need to connect the faucet of the hot water dispenser with the tank. The faucet is usually connected to the top of the tank from which hot water flows in order to be dispensed through the faucet.

Connecting the Water Supply

Next step of installation is to connect the copper tubing from the dispenser spout into the water supply of the house. You must be careful that the copper tube does not bend while connecting with the water supply. After the connections are made, you can turn on the water supply and run water into the dispenser to check if there is any leak in the connections.

Plugging in the Hot Water dispenser

The final step of the installation process is to plug in the hot water dispenser. This will heat up the water inside the tank and you will get hot water from the faucet of the dispenser easily.

Syed Afzal Hussain is an Instructional Designer by vocation, but an avid movie buff and passionate cooks by choice. He also loves blogging and picks up ideas by observing and listening to people on trips to the office’s mains fed water cooler or hot water dispenser for tea.

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