Easy Bedroom Treatments To Help You Sleep Better


A common problem many of us have today is the inability to get proper sleep. Though there are many factors that affect our sleeping habits, it is usually a problem with our room that makes us toss and turn each night. When we do not get proper sleep, our health and every day activities are affected. This is why it is important to rectify whatever may be disrupting or affecting our sleeping patterns. You can also try out a few tips to help you get that much needed sleep at night.

Darker Rooms For Better Sleep

It has been studied that darker rooms assist people in their sleep. Some bedrooms have trouble achieving this, so window treatments are usually advised. Though curtains are the common window treatment in many homes, blackout blinds and other shades are now being used to block out distracting light from bedrooms making them more comfortable to sleep in. There is an array of shades and blinds to choose from to suit your bedroom windows, but you will need to discuss your window measurements, mounting preference and desired style with professionals, to ensure that they suit your bedroom.

Blackout Roller Blinds For Cozy Rooms

There are many people with sleeping problems who opt to install roller blackout blinds in their bedrooms. There are many reasons why these blinds are preferred than using regular curtains alone. o Blackout roller blinds cost less compared to blackout curtains and they effectively block out light, draft, heat and sound. o They can be easily mounted underneath curtain rods and match an array of curtains of different style and texture. o Allergens and dust will have fewer surfaces for dust and allergens to cling to making them highly preferred. o Even if you have sheer curtains, the blinds can still provide complete privacy and light blockage throughout the day and night. However, the sheer curtains will also provide you with an elegant touch with the diffused light during the day.

Tips To Try

Here are a few tips which you can try out to help you sleep better at night and be geared up for the next day:

Dark Bedrooms – Some people can sleep in dimmed rooms, but others will actually need to sleep in pitch dark bedrooms. You can install blackout shades and shut your bedroom door.

Small Snacks – Trying to fall asleep with an empty or half full stomach can be a challenge. It will be better for you to have a light snack on food that can make you sleepy. You can opt for apiece of toast, granola bars, sugar – free cereals or a small bowl of pasta without the meat or cheese.

White Noise – While there are those who have trouble sleeping in a noisy environment, there are those who can not sleep in a quiet bedroom. This is where white noise can be helpful. All you need is a fan, a humidifier or a white noise application on your phone to help you ignore distracting sounds.

Warm Baths – This has always been a favorite and well tested trick. You do not have to soak in the tub for more than 15 minutes to feel relaxed. Simply add some bath salts or a lavender soak to your warm water and soak in it for a few minutes.

Window Treatments – Another solution to troubled sleep is using the right window treatment. There are blackout blinds and shades being sold in the market today that block out light from the bedroom. They are also useful for people who are peculiar about dust and allergens.


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