Fashion Trends for AW 2012 – Bright Coloured Jeans, Jeggings and Skinny Legs


Gone are the days when denim was either black or blue. For the past year the trend in women’s jeans has been veering towards bright colors. The AW 2012 season sees the trend establish itself further, with print jeans added to the roster.

The cuts of fashionable jeans have also changed. Skinny legs are in for most body shapes – jeans that hug the hips, thighs and lower leg, tapering to the ankle. The look may be worn with both casual and party outfits, dependent on the other clothes in the ensemble, and the accessories worn with the finished article.

Bright colored jeans started with single shades – purples, pinks and burnt oranges among the most popular. As the trend has taken off, though, so has the daring of the designers. The latest jeans to hit the shelves include animal print jeans in a variety of colors; violet jeans; bright orange jeans; even jeans with a stripe.

There are some body shape notes to make for patterned and striped jeans, which don’t apply so readily to single color versions. The single colored versions of most skinny cut jeans are suitable for nearly all body types as the color and cut do not dramatically alter the shape. Provided the correct garments are worn for balancing the silhouette, then, single-color bright skinny jeans work for any girl. Learn more about the latest fashion trends in which you look adorable on this dedicated website:

Stripes are a different matter; and can be difficult to get right, A girl with thicker legs may find that vertical stripes have a slimming effect on the silhouette – while a girl with skinnier legs can be turned positively stick-insect by the same pattern. That said, a girl with thicker legs can wear jeans with too thin a stripe – thinner stripes having less immediate visual effect.

Bright colored jeans are worn with everyday garments for everyday purposes – but may also be put with more evening oriented clothes. As ever, the location and purpose of the evening dictates the tenor of the whole outfit. If the wearer is going to a party, she may decide to go with print jeans rather than single colour garments – the prints can be as funky as she likes during the festive season!

Single coloured jeans still work with party wear, provided the color is right and the accessories take up the slack left by not having a pattern in the leg. Wearing an embellished or sparkly top, for example, can balance out the whole look to give a party vibe. To find out more about wearing two denim colors at once visit this website:

The reverse is true of patterned jeans. If a girl wears a heavily patterned top with heavily patterned jeans, she can run the risk of looking as though she has left the house wearing her pyjamas!

The old rule applies. Every accent in an outfit should be carefully combined and balanced, to create an overall feeling. Patterned jeans are a statement in themselves: so be aware that too much decoration throughout the rest of that outfit can dull the force of the design. Are you interested in learning more about the latest fashion trends in which you look adorable? visit this website for further details.

It is appropriate, then, to dress simply on top when the bottom half is singing. To this end, simple accents in the jewellery department are better than OTT. Use subtle sparkles rather than in your face dangles.

Conversely, though – if a girl wears single colour bright jeans to a party, she can go overboard with jewellery. Long earrings and necklaces will perfectly balance out the look.

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