Headlight Safety: The Lowdown on Halogen vs LED Lights


There’s no denying that halogen bulbs are extremely popular among drivers. Their low price tag and long lifespan have led many people to choose halogen headlamps for their car. However, while halogens seem like a great bargain for drivers, there’s actually a lot more to them than meets the eye. In this guide, we’ll reveal the truth about halogens, the reasons why they’re dangerous, and the better alternativ. Click to read LED headlamps.

So, what exactly is a halogen light bulb?

Halogen lamps, also called “halogen” lamps, are a type of low-voltage lightbulb that generates intense heat. They’re typically used for lighting, but they can also be used for fog lights and other purposes.

Halogen bulbs contain a very strong chemical called bromine, and they’re commonly made from tungsten, a metal that’s also found in incandescent bulbs. A halogen bulb is powered by a small amount of electricity. The electricity causes the bulb to reach high temperatures and generate light.

What are the advantages of halogen bulbs?

While halogens aren’t perfect, they have a lot of benefits that make them ideal for their intended use. Here’s a quick rundown of their main features:

Long life

For many years, halogens were one of the most affordable light bulbs on the market. With the advent of LED technology, however, many halogens have been replaced by more efficient light bulbs. Still, halogens are much cheaper than LEDs and their lifespan has been increasing at an alarming rate.


Because of their extreme temperature, halogen bulbs produce a lot less heat than LED bulbs. This means they don’t have to use a fan to keep the light source cool, which reduces the risk of fire.

Smoother light

Halogen bulbs have a unique property that makes them different from other types of light bulbs. When a halogen bulb is turned on, it emits light slowly and steadily until it reaches its maximum brightness. As a result, halogen bulbs are often used for reading and other applications where you need a steady, warm light.

High lumens

Halogen bulbs produce a lot of light compared to LEDs, and they tend to produce a light that’s similar to that of a standard incandescent bulb. That’s why they’re still in common use, despite the advent of LEDs.

Why are halogens bad for your health?

Despite their benefits, halogens are dangerous for your health. The main problem with halogens is that their light isn’t evenly distributed, and some areas of the bulb may be cooler than others.

The reason that’s harmful is that when a person is exposed to a cold spot for too long, the body’s temperature rises. This could potentially cause heat stroke and even death in severe cases.

Headlight Replacement Cost-Friendly!

I am sure that you have already started repairing your old headlamp to avoid buying a new one. But, is that possible to repair your headlamp without spending more than $100? Let’s talk about it!

Most of the people who drive cars these days buy them due to the reasons of comfort and safety. These reasons make us use more and more headlights. In case of an emergency, people often don’t have much time to search for a safe place to stop. Therefore, they need to use their headlights to light up the way ahead.

But, if you have been driving for a long time and you are getting tired of it, then it is time to consider replacing it with a new headlamp. Yes, headlamps can be bought for as low as $45 and still give the same performance. There are many online stores that sell such lamps at lower prices.

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Headlights are essential for driving cars as they help to navigate roads and keep the driver safe. Therefore, you must always check the condition of your headlights and if it is not working as it should, then it is the right time to change them.

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